Sunday, October 8, 2017

Time to go

You can stop playing me for a fool
I known for awhile I'm the only one of us that's playing by the rule

Now take a second for one last good glance
Because you have already screwed up your second-third and fourth chance
So hell no, this isn't a call out for one last romantic dance
Because I know you can't even spell that first word that's prononse romance

I know I'm the one you are going to really miss
Basically because of all the money I have spent
Paying your lazy ass monthly rent

And I don't need to see you texting what ever who ever anymore
Just pick up your stuff and hit the door
It's way past the time for you to go
So get your lying ass off my new carpeted floor
You are not welcome in this house anymore

I saw this GIF, it was fitting
"I had to let my BF go
Friends with no benefits just isn't my thing"...

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

It's time

I'm leaving this for a friend to add the words too. I've been gone a long time and  haven't written in years. I have been trying to get him to use multiple GIFS  that's out there now with his poetry. So 1Man, you up to it? This is just a two set. Baby steps. :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spanking coming ..... ( About Time )

Why did he do that?
It was if he knew the exalt timing. I was walking by him while he sat on the kitchen chair watching and talking to me as I washed up he dises, and swat a hard playful one on my backside, I went from my aggressive self to into instance submit mold.
When I got to the kitchen sink I took a moment to gather myself, suddenly I felt J body pressing against mine,
"It's tme we got back to me being the boss again", he whispered in my ear.
We see so little of each other, and when we do, we just want to jump each other bones. I hadn't had a spanking in a long time, we both know I deserved several
just today for my agressive behavior about some things.
I felt a warm glow inside as he rubbed my backside with his hand, I was falling apart inside, as his arms came around me. After a big bear hug, like only J can give, he whispered, it's time.
My mind raced as J strolled away from me, my legs were like putty. But this was going to sting dashed through my mind. In Kung fu class, when I get hit, I turn it up a notch and get after my sparring partner. But when I get spanked, I'm just like putty, J can mold me in anyway he wants, whall almost anyway.. hehehe
J spanked  me really hard once and I got loose of his grip and my reflex was to straight punch him in the chest. Not only did I find out my soft guy could take a punch, but he grab me and flung me over his lap and spanked the fight out of me. J is a lot tougher then people give his boyish looks for. I'm kinda glad it happened, because all my other boy friends were intimated by my Kung fu skills. I flip one who was a big tough guy just playing around, that was the last time I saw that wimp. But I hit J hard way to hard, but he understood it was a reflex, and I am a Marine soldier first born, so I was raised to be tough and aggressive. But he was the boss, and he wasn't taken any crap from me, even if I could kick his butt. I couldn't sit down comfortably for days. But today J is going  to channel some of my excess aggressiveness with a spanking. I think this is the first time I got a heads up that a big one was coming. I hope this isn't going to be one of those spank me, then leave me crying inside my thighs. I hate those..

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday Moaning......... Horny 3 ..........

They say its better to give then receive...

J stands up and reaches for me,
Between his legs, his needing cock pulsate in the air,
It's veins bulge with his rich blood,
It"s dark smooth skin is stretched to the point it looks more transparent then dark,
My sexual appetite becomes thirsty,

Come on A, the bed awaits us he jesters,
"No", the direct person inside me says,
He frowns then laugh,
"What did you say to me young lady"?
After sitting up on my knees, I reiterated, "I said no mister",
I foreseen a spanking coming for that, but he's too horny and curious to stop the action that's about to happen now,
In my most seductive voice whispering, "be quiet, and be completely still for me"

My fingers wrapped around his hard cock, and stroked it slow and easy,
His voice first groan in protest, but after a few firm pulls on his shaft, his hips softly gyrated as my fingers massage his growth,
You call that being still I whispered, he laughs then put on his game face.
Once his cock became hard as a Toosie Roll, my hands dropped to my side,
I looked up at him and smiled while not moving a muscle, I watch his body wavered in anticipation

In a sexy voice, I whispered upward to him, "I read the best blow job a man could receive, was when he was standing, and not using any hands make it even more pleasurable
Mmm, lets see if that's true or false he whispers

His eyes became big, the smile on his face widen, as my tongue slashed across the broad end of his cock,
My ears caught a quiet moan floating in the air, as my tongue softly spiraled down the underside of his shaft,

Timed licks, caught his upward jerking cock,
His legs vibrated, when my lips locked on the backside of his stiff shaft, while my tongue sliced on his cock swollen head ridge

Fingertips intertwined into my hair, I could feel him trying to control my head movements, "be still I whispered to him",
A deep breath, then relaxing hands was felt on my head, I continued raining soft licks up and down the backside of his shaft length,
When the tip of my tongue ease across the surface of his scrotum, I could feel his body rising up on its toes

A quick inhale sucked the right side of his scrotum into my mouth heat, a deep moan
floated into the air, as fingers pulled hard on my hair once again,
As my mouth suckled on his scrotum clean shaven flesh, my tongue slashed back and forth o n his scrotum flesh surface, the sharp sensations had his body jerking and shaking,
When I switched to the other side, it was the first time I heard J swear out loud
while having sex

As my mouth worked its way back up J length, I felt his hands again taking control, this time I let him guide my head, as I sucked and licked the velvet soft skin of his cock,
When my mouth came tot he top of his swollen dick, I quickly slid it into my mouth,
J moan was so loud it startled me, the way J body was vibrating, I knew it wouldn't be long before his orgasm erupted

Just as I found a long quick rhythm, J cock slid out my mouth, I heard him gasp as my lips searched for his hard pulsating head,
Once my lower lips cupped it again, I quickly pushed it in my mouth,
My hands wondered upward and I had to fight the urge to hold his shaft, instead I wrapped one hand around his butt cheek, and squeezed his scrotum with the other
The move had J dancing on his tippy toes, I took all of J length I could muster inside my mouth,
This is one time I wondered if I could deep throat, how much more pleasure would it bring J,
"Oh Gud", audibly emitted past J lips as he ejaculation blasted into the back of my mouth,
As I swallowed his last ejaculated drop, my eyes wondered up to his,
If the look on his face was the answer to, if a standing blow job was the best blow job you could give a man, the answer was yes....

(The reason I can't do deep throat, I have a jaw condition that keeps me from opening my mouth wide enough to accommodate J wide girth base. Sometimes it's painful just to put the head of his cock in my mouth, J doesn't complain, it's life,
But I do wonder...) 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday Moaning Gif and poem....

He made me slowly undress in front of him, 
While he stood in front of me and watched

He slowly undressed in front of me, 
While I stood motionless as I watched

He grab me my hair with urgency, and pulled me down in front of him,
Then pushed his hard cock into the warmth of my mouth

He held my head while he viscously face fucked me,
Until I almost couldn't breath

He thrust and thrust his hard cock in and out my mouth,
Until he had enough, then he slid his pulsating cock out 

He laid down on the couch and made me watch him slowly stroke himself,
Until I was dripping wet with desire 

He motion for me to ride on top of him,
When the head of his hard prick penetrated fully into my wanting pussy,

I moaned out loud....