Sunday, October 8, 2017

Time to go

You can stop playing me for a fool
I known for awhile I'm the only one of us that's playing by the rule

Now take a second for one last good glance
Because you have already screwed up your second-third and fourth chance
So hell no, this isn't a call out for one last romantic dance
Because I know you can't even spell that first word that's prononse romance

I know I'm the one you are going to really miss
Basically because of all the money I have spent
Paying your lazy ass monthly rent

And I don't need to see you texting what ever who ever anymore
Just pick up your stuff and hit the door
It's way past the time for you to go
So get your lying ass off my new carpeted floor
You are not welcome in this house anymore

I saw this GIF, it was fitting
"I had to let my BF go
Friends with no benefits just isn't my thing"...

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